Gold Savings

Render of Silver Bullion Shop at Millenia Walk

About the Gold Savings Account

Goldheart Bullion, the company behind the Gold Savings Account, is a Joint Venture between two of the most trusted gold firms in Singapore, Aspial and Silver Bullion. As one of the country’s most specialised retailer of investment precious metals and collectibles, you can be assured ultimate peace of mind when buying and selling with us.

From mid-November 2021 Goldheart Bullion becomes part of Silver Bullion (Singapore) and operates out of the new Silver Bullion Shop at Millenia Walk. Read more

As a Singapore incorporated precious metals dealer we're licensed under the Precious Stones and Precious Metals (Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing) Act 2019 (“PSPMA”), regulated by the Singapore Ministry of Law (License number PS20190001055).

Our mission is to provide
multi-generational wealth to the people in Asia.

Get 100mg of FREE gold. T&C's apply

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