Gold Savings Account

Save smart, save in gold

Buy gold to protect against inflation
whenever you think the price is right.

Gold barSuper low 2% premium
Fully backed by real gold, safe, simple and transparent.

AspialSilver Bullion
gold gained
...on average per year
since 1970

Why use the Gold Savings Account?

  • 100% gold backed

    100% backed by real gold

    Unlike a bank account, we make sure that every gram you buy is fully backed by fine, allocated gold bars, safely insured and stored in our vaults.

  • Instant liquidity

    Instant liquidity 24/7

    Buy, sell, store, stack and trade gold right from your phone and around the clock starting at 0.01g of gold and up to $200,000 per day.

  • Licensed dealer

    Licensed precious metals dealer

    Regulated by the Singapore Ministry of Law for the purpose of AML & CFT (License number PS20190001043)

  • Secured connection

    Latest SSL SHA-256 2048 bit encryption

    Using the latest technology and data privacy processes to safe-keep your account.

  • Publicly auditable

    Publicly auditable gold backing

    Every bar of our gold backing and all its movements are transparently tracked and visible with photos in our Online Gold Explorer.

  • Low fees

    Enjoy low fees

    Both our gold premium and buy/sell spread are only 2%. Enjoy an annual storage fee of only 0.35% with a minimum charge of 0.1g per year

  • Easy transactions

    Multi-currency deposits & withdrawals

    Use PayNow, bank transfer or credit card to deposit and enjoy same-workday withdrawals to your registered bank account before 4pm SGT.

  • Redeemable

    Redemption for physical gold

    Redeem your gold holding for physical gold in our Bullion Shop in Singapore from 2 grams.

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Historic gains for gold till 2021

As gold is uncorrelated to other major asset classes, it adds stability to any investment portfolio.

Source: URA Property Index, Standard and Poor's Financial Services LLC, Silver Bullion Pte Ltd

"Show me the gold!"

All Gold Savings Accounts are 100% backed by fine LBMA certified gold bars, fully insured and safely stored with our trusted vaulting partners around the world.

Our Gold Explorer allows you to see how much gold is currently allocated and query for every bar that is locked into the system.

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